Astral Travel Into The Future

Get a FREE psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comOne night, I was in bed next to my fiancé at the time, and I felt his body jump. It woke me up, and to my surprise, I saw his soul leaving his body. At first I thought, “This can’t be happening. Am I really seeing this?”

The fascinating thing was that as he was leaving his body, his soul looked at me.  His soul reacted in a startled way, as if to say, “Oh! You are not supposed to see me!” I have to admit, it frightened me a bit. I actually think we both startled each other.

I do know that when we astral travel our souls leave our bodies, but how many times do we actually see this with our own eyes?  I feel that his body jumping was his soul detaching or separating from his physical body.

I closed my eyes for a second and when I opened them again, the soul was gone. It took me a while to fall back to sleep that night, but I began to realize that there was a lot more to astral travel than I could even begin to realize.

Grandchildren are the dots that connect the lines from generation to generation ~ Lois Wyse

Last week, it happened again for the second time, only this time, I think I traveled into the future. It was just as I was falling asleep; I saw a child standing in a kitchen between two people (I think they were his parents). The child was drinking chocolate milk and his parents had their back to me, as I literally seemed to fade in, or drop into the kitchen.  The little boy took his glass away (I can still see his milk mustache) and slowly pointed up at me as if to say, “There she is again! Do you see her?”

At that moment, I woke up and I was back in my bed again. That particular journey really stuck with me. I wrote it down and at the end of my entry in my journal, I began to ask questions. I wanted to know if this was an event that may play out in the future. Why was the little boy pointing at me, as if he had possibly seen me before and was trying to show his parents I was there? Why did I disappear before they could see me?  Am I his spirit guide in the future?

And then, it hit me! He looked an awful lot like my son did when he was around ten years old. I believe that what I saw in my astral travel was my future grandson. I believe that in the future my grandson may actually be able to see spirit, much the same as I hear them. As I write these words, it is bittersweet for me. I was actually able to see my son and his family, as well as my ten year old grandson, and I know that my ability will be passed down to yet another generation.

I will always encourage my son in every way to keep his children as open-minded as possible to the idea of the spirit world and that it does exist. I also will remind him that one day, when his ten year old son is drinking chocolate milk in the kitchen and pointing at the lady behind him, it will be me…

About The Author: Savannah is a North Carolinian who enjoys a close relationship with Spirit, as does her teenage son and even her dog! A third generation psychic born with the gift of the 4 C’s (Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience & Claircognizance), she tunes in through Tarot to contact guides and communicate with Spirit. Savannah is well-versed in many metaphysical disciplines and it is her privilege to help clients to find their destiny. If you’re interested in claiming your own destiny, you can find Savannah at

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