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The Psychic Life Of Teenagers

Get a FREE psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comThe most exponential time of growth in children’s powers have always been traditionally around the time kids are starting to become adults, and with the changes of emotional volatility, parents must be aware of all the energies and ideas that will be available to their kids.

To children, in a position of powerlessness, with no rights to vote, work or leave their families despite their apparent maturity, this age opens up a slew of interesting, powerful and also useless notions that can leave them confused and highly susceptible.

We as adults should be doing research into psychic abilities and explain to them the difference between spirituality, religion and psychic work. Spirituality is often an amalgamation of different ideas, a blend of ideals that help a person feel better. Religion is an ordered and structured set of moral laws to accompany the spiritual ideals for people. Psychic work can be utilized in both aspects, and have been over the ages, which is where we have historical prophets. In truth though some people seem to prefer using psychics to distance others from their spiritual truths, as the mind of man will supersede the mind of god, thus allowing for both the freedom to grow but also no foundation upon which to grow from.

It doesn’t take much in our society to spur young adults on. I look into the eyes of children these days, and they have a wisdom and maturity, often beyond their parents’ years. They seem worried and some seem fearful. I usually see this more in the city, but children these days seem lost and confused in a time when adults should know better and are supposed to be taking care of them and setting them up for the future. I worry about this, as I grew up during the Cold War and I remember all these fears, and it shaped my decision making about my future. For example, I always thought, perhaps presciently that I must not have kids because they would be too anxious about global warming. Now it seems my idea was possibly correct – but was it not perhaps the wrong side of the spectrum? Did I perhaps pick relationships without stability due to this future? Was that the best option?

In addition now they are being marketed their own power, amidst a powerless world. What does this teach them? What can they do with this knowledge? Where do they go? And where, if I may as an adult ask: Where do I get my wisdom? Is there anyone in specific I can consult as well?

This sense of psychic navigation can be empowering, but also disorienting. It often takes a long time for the overactive mind of the teenager to get the perspective on their visions. They often have not been trained in psychology, behavior or history so they don’t know what to apply their newfound talents to.

When I was young I ignored much of my psychic capacity, and I believe to a good degree it helped me from my own sense of purpose and security. If I had known that every dream I had up till now was a foreshadowing of my and our lives, I would have kept them all, told someone, worried too much, and analyzed endlessly. I simply enjoyed my dreams. I looked for counsel from books and teachers . I delved into older forms of practice to help guide me, such as Hatha Yoga and reading on philosophy. I had a normal time with my friends. Much of it was spent playing and being a young adult – and I believe I have a firm foundation upon which to accept or reject my own perceptions because of this. Of course, we occasionally got carried off into seductive forms of mysticism, like Wicca , but they were again without a social framework so I rejected it in the long run.

As I went to a Methodist Boarding School I even was given a gratis exorcism by one of my classmates for being so precocious – with a good follow up visit from a concerned Pastor after my friends and I had used the Ouija board. Having been labeled ‘evil’ and ‘strange’ I harbored in this safe place, often avoiding more stringent forms of guidance.  I was only being a curious teenager, having coming from a family where baptism had been avoided due to the cults of the seventies. In fact, what this did was make me question the validity of psychic theory in general as it did not immediately work, and delve into richer topics such as biology, physics and astronomy. So in a sense, having ‘junk theories’ can be exceedingly useful in allowing kids to learn to be more discerning and experiment.

So if your child is wearing a pentagram, tattooing themselves ( I tried to tattoo myself with a Masonic symbol when I was in school ) and wearing dark clothing, they are usually just trying to distinguish themselves from the crowd – sometimes indicating a lost child – but often indicating they have the strength and intelligence to not follow the herd. This will not always lead to ‘gateway cultism’ – as I am aware of how many adults can suddenly do this in the middle of their lives. I have seen adults get caught up in useless magical thinking that does not help their real lives. This could happen with anything, from technology, to drugs, to food, to violence – anything can be abused to escape from this world.

Worry not – your kids are just taking refuge in different ideas, and you never know – they may end up a little bit wiser than the rest of us one day!

About The Author: Carmen Miro

Carmen’s waking dreams have provided accurate glimpses into the future for celebrities as well as political and international figures. Her non-judgmental, Empathic approach, as well as her unique method of Tarot reading, affords her the reputation as a groundbreaker in her field. This European born Canadian is the first online psychic to promote the idea of Empathy and emotional thought transference, and she has written a great deal on the subject. For a comprehensive Intuitive reading that will transform your life, you can find Carmen at

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