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Paranormal Phenomenon in Chilliwack (Part 3)

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Slesse Park is approximately a mile from the house we had just fled.  It was where we lived for three years prior to my divorce and I was sad leaving the area.  I kept in contact with a few close friends I had made there and visited often.  My closest friends open their home to me whenever I was in the area, their home was also highly active, but not in an ominous way at the start.  There wasn’t a night I spent in their home where you couldn’t hear walking up and down the stairwell.  The spirit of a young girl was continually trying to get their attention as well as mine. Deb would often be woken up by a child’s voice whispering “mommy” in her ear.  Their son had books thrown on top of him while sitting in the computer room and their youngest daughter could never seem to go to the bathroom without the door opening on her. 

The boundaries which divide life from death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends and the other begins ~ Edgar Allen Poe

Events like this were everyday occurrences including loud unexplainable crashing in a dead quiet house,..nothing was moved.  Their oldest daughter’s bedroom was the most active in the house and still is until this day.

As far as the history of this home goes we know that a 12 years old girl that suffered from epilepsy had a seizure.  The young girl had  entangled herself in her own blankets and was wedged between the bed and the wall.  The girl died of asphyxiation in that bedroom.  It was years after Debra and her family purchased the home they found out the history of the home, inclusive was the untimely death of the young girl.

Deb’s oldest daughter had slept in that particular room for years, she tells of a man dressed in old woodsman clothing carrying an axe, and her “knight” which was a protective energy for her.  I believe she was also very aware of the young girl who still “lived” in the room with her.  After she had moved out of the home Deb’s youngest daughter and infant son moved into it.  That is when the activity really started to soar.  Debra was babysitting her grandson and had an intercom system on while the baby was sleeping.  Debra was sitting in her living room when she heard a man’s voice say’ oh, look how cute he is”, Debra jumped up and ran up the stairs to find no one in the room.  It should also be noted that there is no reception in the Slesse Park, cell phones don’t work, nor do radios because of its location.  None of the neighbors had any small children and no intercoms set up, everyone who lives in the area knows each other well.

This is about the time Deb’s husband suffered a brain injury.  Deb awoke night after night with a tall man wearing a hat standing beside their bed.  He would always be standing over her husband.  Deb has a very strong protective energy to her so it was with a few words the man would disappear.  I always find it fascinating that when someone is in a weakened state, all kinds of energies are drawn to them.  The “man with the hat” dislikes me intensely, on my last visit there he left me with a bruise on my chest, a harsh pinch and the inability to catch my breath.  I don’t take it personally.  He knows I want him out and he has no plans of going anywhere,..for now.

Debra’s son and daughter-in-law purchased a house at the top end of the Park overlooking their parents home.  It too, has a past.  Originally built as a Church by local Monks, it was then converted into living quarters by new owners and flipped several times.  The last owners were bachelor brothers.  The one brother died of a heart attack while sitting at his computer, and they were in fact hoarders. One or both of the brothers had a penchant for child pornography.

Ghosts seem harder to please than we are; it is as though they haunted for haunting’s sake – much as we relive, brood, and smoulder over our pasts ~ Elizabeth Bowen

It  has been quite a project for the young couple who took the home over “as is”.  There was only a path through the house as the collections of the brothers took up every nook and cranny.  The kids bought it at an affordable price so the work seemed worth it to them.  The activity in the house however drove the young wife to not be home during the day alone if her husband was at work.  The atmosphere was conducive to above average activity.  Although the couple took every effort to get the brothers unwanted belongings out of the house, they had chosen not get rid of everything. She spends her days at her Grandmothers or mother-in-laws.  The couple have a young son and have recently welcomed their daughter into the world.

Upon my first visit to the converted church I immediately felt presence and not a welcoming one.  I felt a heaviness on my chest and my throat also felt constricted.  My first visit I attempted to go up the stairs to the top floor but was hit by a “wall” of energy that threw me back.    The activities of the brothers resonated from every are of this home. I didn’t push it and left the upstairs alone, but I did sense the taunting oppressive energy wanting me out of the house.  It knew I knew.  As I toured through I picked up not only what was in the house but fear of the young wife who did not like being there alone.  I didn’t blame her.  Debra’s youngest daughter moved in with the couple for a very short time.  Jazzy took the upstairs room, the one that I had avoided on my first visit. it unnerved her to have “someone” sitting on the end of her bed night after night.  Again the atmosphere was unwelcoming and heavy.

On the second visit I did go upstairs, which was now vacated by Jazzy.  It looked similar to a Sunday school room which was still a part of the constructed church.  So many energies in that room that I could not separate them for the life of me, I felt like I was be pushed back down the stairwell and the floor, which looked even, was keeping me off balance.  I had a small ball in my pocket and put it on the floor in several areas, it did not move.  The floor appeared to be level, but that was not the feeling when you were standing on it.

A friend and co-worker of mine was present the one day we visited and instructed the kids to get rid of most of the bachelors belongings as well as repainting the house, starting with their son’s room.  This room had the heaviest feeling in the home, it need to have bright whimsical colors, they needed to make it their “own”.  Taking this negative energy and turning it into a family home was not going to be an easy feat.

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6 Responses to Paranormal Phenomenon in Chilliwack (Part 3)

  • Hi, I found your article very interesting as I live in Chilliwack and have had some experiences. I was specifically wondering if you or anyone you’ve connected with has ever had an experience at the site of the Apr 29, 2003 car crash that took the lives of the 6 native teens? The actual site at the tree where the memorial crosses were, that have since been removed when the property was sold. I myself had an experience there, and would really like some confirmation/validation. If you are interested, I will certain share with you what I saw. Thanks!

  • Hello,
    I found your post so interesting. I am always very interested in reading about and hearing of experiences in the Chilliwack area. I live in Chilliwack and have my whole life, I have not had many experiences, although few they were very memorable. I am also very curious to hear about the previous posters comment regarding the accident on Chilliwack river road. I grew up right around the corner from that site and remember that night like it was yesterday. Thank you for posting your experiences, I look forward to reading more.

  • Hi Adrienne, I have actually had 2 experiences on Chilliwack River Rd. The first was the crash site. I often use the river rd as a route to downtown. On the day in question, as I was heading from Sardis towards downtown, I passed the crash memorial. As I was passing, I noticed the memorial with sadness as I always did – but on this day, there was what I perceived to be a smallish man crouched among the crosses, with his back close to the tree. I had an overall perception of him being “gray” – clothing, hair, and skin – which as what led me to think of him as an older man. He was wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and a baseball cap. His hair was not short or particularly long with ends of it sticking out from under his cap. I oddly had a hard time really focusing on him, and actually slowed right down to get a better look, and then felt like I was being very rude staring at this person who was obviously there to grieve. I looked ahead again, and was on my way. I wouldn’t have thought too much of it, except that when I came back down the road again from the opposite direction about an hour later, the memorial site was gone – crosses, flowers, everything. I then concluded that that was what the grey man had been there doing. That evening I mentioned to my husband that someone had taken the memorial down that day. He looked at me oddly, and said that it had been done a couple weeks before. He had driven that way with his co-worker, remarked upon it, and the co-worker had said that it had been removed because the property had been sold. All I can say is, that I know I saw the man and the crosses (in fact, the crosses were more substantial to me than the man). My second experience I can’t say absolutely I saw a ghost, but it was very odd. I was again driving on the river rd towards downtown when I saw on the other side of the road, on the shoulder coming towards me, a boy (he looked to be from 11-13 years old) on a very old-fashioned Schwinn style bike. It had big, spoke wheels and old fashioned handle-bars. The boy was dressed in knee pants of the type called knickerbockers – the kind that had a cuff that buttoned at knee. He was wearing a diamond patterned cardigan over a white button down shirt. His shoes were brown leather lace-ups. He was wearing a wool flat-cap (brimmed) and round wire-rim glasses. I took my foot off the gas, and frankly stared at him with my mouth open, and he stared right back at me, looking just as astonished as we passed each other. I kept going, and then looked in my rear-view – but he was gone. If he wasn’t a ghost, all I can say is he had a very peculiar taste for retro clothes, especially for a boy that age! There was nothing insubstantial about him, except for his bike and his clothing, he looked exactly like a living person. Anyway, I hope this helps you! I am always interested in hearing what others have experienced, so please post if you are comfortable doing so 🙂

  • Hello Nicole,
    As I read your experience about the crash site it gave me chills. The location where you saw the boy was it after the knight road 3 way stop or before if you are heading north? I drive that road frequently for a route to downtown as well. There are quite a few very old homes a long that road, it’s not surprising that you would see something from that era. My experiences took place in Harrison mills, I worked at a retreat center during high school along that was situated along the Chehalis river. One night myself and two girlfriends were driving in the grounds keeping vehicle, it was a loud vehicle that sounded like loud lawn mower. To talk to each other over it we practically had to yell at each other. We came down the pathway toward the lodge and I remember feeling as though I had headphones on and there were a bunch of voices talking at once, for a few seconds I couldn’t hear the vehicle I could just hear the voices. In the trees was a female standing and and staring, her face was quite dark and she looked as if she had tattered clothing on. Her legs were not visible it was as though they just kind of faded out. After we passed her everything went back to normal, I turned around to see her and she was gone. The most disturbing thing was her face being distorted and her legs not being there fully. I started to hate that place and didn’t want to go to work there, there were many other experiences that we had there, if you want to hear them I would love to share.

  • Hi Adrienne:) It was closer to the 3 way stop that joins with the road the dump is on (I am totally blanking on the name…weird.) You often hear of people having experiences near water – I always wonder if it gives off energy that enhances psychic manifestation. I would love to hear any experiences you would like to share. I’ve had MANY throughout my life, both here and other places. I guess I’m just one of those people – and bet that you are too! And you had an aural phenomena – that’s pretty rare. Maybe the female really wanted you to see her.

  • Hello Nicole and Adrienne,…I would love to talk to you both about your experiences. The areas near water are especially active. I do remember the accident with the kids you were referring to. It was a tragic, horrifying accident. I too have driven past there and “felt” the incident over again. You’re not alone in that one Nicole.

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